Publication Day!

I know, I know. I put up a post here a couple of weeks ago announcing the launch of my new novel. Now here I am again telling you today is the publication day. What gives? Have I gone crazy? Frankly, the jury's out on that one, but the reason things are getting a bit Groundhog … Continue reading Publication Day!

Meet Talus – The World’s First Detective

It's launch day! Talus and the Frozen King is now out in the wild. So stop reading this announcement and go buy yourself a copy. Now! If you're in the UK, your buying options for the paperback may be limited until the official release on 6th April 2014, but you should be able to pick up … Continue reading Meet Talus – The World’s First Detective

Skara Brae and Talus

This short ArcheoSoup video is a great introduction to the Scottish neolithic settlement of Skara Brae. Uncovered by a severe storm in the winter of 1850, this extraordinary 5,000 year-old settlement is now regarded as one of the most important sites of its kind in the world, having gained UNESCO World Heritage status as part … Continue reading Skara Brae and Talus