Lifestrings of the Loving Couple

It's publication day for my new ebook novelette Lifestrings of the Loving Couple. This is the final (for now) short story in my series of fantasy detective romps known collectively as The String City Mysteries and published by 40k Books. In this brand new adventure, my dimension-dabbling detective is hired by a distraught husband whose wife … Continue reading Lifestrings of the Loving Couple

The many lives of a writer – 3

Most people are like cats – they live not just one life, but many. Writers are no exception. Here's how my third writing life saw everything change. Life 3 - Size Isn't Everything After cutting the cord with Voyager Books, I wrote a dark fantasy novel called Panopticon. The title referred to a magical prehistoric structure that, … Continue reading The many lives of a writer – 3

Just published – The Dame Don’t Whimper

UPDATE - The Dame Don't Whimper is now available from the iTunes store - see the links below. The sixth novelette from my String City Mysteries series has just been published by 40k Books. Any publication day is exciting, but this one's particularly special. The first five stories in the series are reprints, having originally … Continue reading Just published – The Dame Don’t Whimper

Just published – Still Point

If you've been following the strange adventures of my dimension-hopping detective, you may like to know there's new String City Mysteries ebook available. It's called Still Point and, like the others in the series, it's published by 40k Books and is available for Kindle and iTunes. This latest story sees our gumshoe hero playing Scheherazade … Continue reading Just published – Still Point

Empire State by Adam Christopher

If ever there was a novel screaming, 'Adapt me!', Adam Christopher's Empire State is surely it. It's so filled with iconic imagery running the whole gamut from rocketeer superheroes to noir-punk dirigibles, fedora-toting gumshoes to sizzling dimension-disruptors, I'd be surprised if we don't see it converted in fairly short measure into either a graphic novel, … Continue reading Empire State by Adam Christopher

Coming soon – Still Point

Dust off your fedora - my dimension-hopping detective is getting ready for another adventure. The next instalment in The String City Mysteries, published for Kindle and iTunes by 40kBooks, will shortly be rolling off the e-press. This latest story is called Still Point. It's about a heist that takes place in one of String City's … Continue reading Coming soon – Still Point

Interview with a weird detective

I was in a bar, minding my own business. Outside, the rain was coming down. Dirty jazz was seeping from even dirtier speakers and trade was so slow the barman had posted a BACK SOON sign. A man walked in. He was wearing a fedora and a tattered leather coat with bright yellow buttons. I … Continue reading Interview with a weird detective

Take a Tour of String City

All I wanted to do was write a light-hearted detective story in the hard-boiled tradition, with a little squeeze of fantasy just to juice things up. What I never planned to do was invent a whole other world. It happened like this. After a delightful weekend reading Dashiell Hammett stories, I got the urge to … Continue reading Take a Tour of String City

Now available: Dead Wolf in a Hat

The second instalment of my fantasy detective series The String City Mysteries is published today. It's called Dead Wolf in a Hat, and once again it features that down-at-heel gumshoe who can twist dimensions round his little finger. If you've read The Wooden Baby, you'll already be familiar with his antics. If not, this is … Continue reading Now available: Dead Wolf in a Hat

The Wooden Baby

Dang, but things move fast these days. No sooner do I update the blog to trail The Wooden Baby than I have to write another post to announce its publication. With that in mind, I'll keep this short and simply direct you to the page that tells you all about my new ebook, a short … Continue reading The Wooden Baby