Dragons and Detectives – New Paperbacks Now Available in Australia

Fair dinkum! Three of my recent self-published books are now available as print-on-demand paperbacks in Australia. Up to now they've been limited to the Kindle but, thanks to the expansion of the Amazon KDP programme, the hard copy editions have finally made their way down under. The trio includes a pair of loosely-connected fantasy novels … Continue reading Dragons and Detectives – New Paperbacks Now Available in Australia

The String City Mysteries – Now in Paperback

Hot on the heels of the Kindle edition, I'm delighted to announce The String City Mysteries is now available in paperback. Its pages are bulging with werewolves and titans, angels and zombies, murder, love and, above all, mystery. There's never been a better time to explore the extraordinary world of String City in the company … Continue reading The String City Mysteries – Now in Paperback

New Book – The String City Mysteries

What better time than New Year to launch a new book? Okay, full disclosure, The String City Mysteries is not entirely new. It's a collection of seven novelettes first published in Realms of Fantasy magazine, and later as individual ebooks by 40K Books. Now, for the first time, they've been assembled into a single volume. … Continue reading New Book – The String City Mysteries

Word Clouds of String City

There's a cute website called Wordle which takes any text you upload and turns it into a word cloud. The size of each word in the cloud is based on the frequency with which it appears in the text, the colours and fonts are randomly selected and the results are rather beautiful. If you use … Continue reading Word Clouds of String City

Lifestrings of the Loving Couple

It's publication day for my new ebook novelette Lifestrings of the Loving Couple. This is the final (for now) short story in my series of fantasy detective romps known collectively as The String City Mysteries and published by 40k Books. In this brand new adventure, my dimension-dabbling detective is hired by a distraught husband whose wife … Continue reading Lifestrings of the Loving Couple

String City micro-fiction

One of the following statements is true: 1) As an experiment in Twitter-based flash fiction, I'll be tweeting a new micro-adventure in my String City Mysteries series of fantasy detective stories. The case opens on Monday 2nd July 2012 at 3:00pm GMT, although our hero is already tweeting his usual brand of strangeness. I expect … Continue reading String City micro-fiction

The many lives of a writer – 5

Most people are like cats – they live not just one life, but many. Writers are no exception. Here's the introspective sprawl of my fifth writing life. Life 5 - Diversification So this is me, now, live and uncut, smack in the middle of my fifth writing life. In my past lives I've written stories both short … Continue reading The many lives of a writer – 5

Fantasy on Air interview

Recently I was interviewed by Fantasy on Air, an Italian web radio show that broadcasts about all things fantasy and science fiction. The interview's just come online, so if you want to catch me yakking on about writing, reading, weird detectives and all the usual nonsense, now's your chance. The interview's part of their 'offline' … Continue reading Fantasy on Air interview

String Citizen

Not content with forcing himself into an interview with me, the fictional detective hero of my String City Mysteries appears to have set himself up with a Twitter account. I've no idea how his internet connection works across the multi-dimensional abyss, but somehow he's got the damn thing working. I strongly advise you not to … Continue reading String Citizen

Just published – The Dame Don’t Whimper

UPDATE - The Dame Don't Whimper is now available from the iTunes store - see the links below. The sixth novelette from my String City Mysteries series has just been published by 40k Books. Any publication day is exciting, but this one's particularly special. The first five stories in the series are reprints, having originally … Continue reading Just published – The Dame Don’t Whimper