Stone & Sky Timelapse – “The Push”

Today's sketch is a scene from my 1999 novel Stone & Sky. It shows the moment where, having survived both the eruption of Krakatoa and his unexpected relocation to a strange and inexplicably vertiginous alien world, Victorian explorer Jonah Lightfoot finds that his new companion Annie West is not all she seems. If the drawing isn't … Continue reading Stone & Sky Timelapse – “The Push”

Kurosawa Lander

Here's a time-lapse video of my latest Sunday sketch, which I've called Kurosawa Lander. The title's a total cheat, since the (imaginary) subject isn't Kurosawa-ish at all. Nevertheless, just like last week's sketch, it's inspired by the images still sloshing around inside my head since my recent viewing of the master Japanese director's 1980 movie Kagemusha. This is first time I've tried a … Continue reading Kurosawa Lander

In which I draw on a wall

I don't generally talk about my day job here (yes, like most writers, I do have a day job). In my other life as a graphic designer I mostly do layouts for ads and brochures, a bit of photo retouching and illustration, all pretty routine stuff. Just occasionally, however, I get to do something that's … Continue reading In which I draw on a wall