Stone Trilogy Desktops

Visit the great world-wall of Stone every time you turn on your computer with these exclusive desktop wallpapers. There's one for each book in the epic fantasy trilogy, rendered in HD at 1920x1080 pixels for maximum clarity. Explore the mysterious castle of the Denneth! Voyage across the magical upturned ocean! Discover the secrets that lie … Continue reading Stone Trilogy Desktops

Stone & Sky – New Edition Out Now

Many months ahead of schedule, I'm thrilled to announce the publication of a brand new edition of Stone & Sky, my epic fantasy novel first published by HarperCollins in 1999. Except for a few very minor tweaks to the text, this new edition – available in paperback and for the first time as an ebook … Continue reading Stone & Sky – New Edition Out Now

Coming Soon – The Stone Trilogy Republished

Imagine a wall as big as a world, built from stones the size of city blocks. Giant castles cling to its face like limpets to a cliff. Broad ledges create roads winding into the unknown distance. Exotic creatures roam the heights. The greatest question is to ask what may lie at the top of this … Continue reading Coming Soon – The Stone Trilogy Republished

20 Years of Stone

The year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the conclusion of one of my favourite fiction projects, the Stone trilogy. This set of three fantasy novels - Stone & Sky, Stone & Sea, Stone & Sun - was published by Voyager books, the science fiction and fantasy imprint of HarperCollins, between 1999-2001. Through the course … Continue reading 20 Years of Stone

Stone & Sky Timelapse – “The Push”

Today's sketch is a scene from my 1999 novel Stone & Sky. It shows the moment where, having survived both the eruption of Krakatoa and his unexpected relocation to a strange and inexplicably vertiginous alien world, Victorian explorer Jonah Lightfoot finds that his new companion Annie West is not all she seems. If the drawing isn't … Continue reading Stone & Sky Timelapse – “The Push”

The many lives of a writer – 2

Most people are like cats – they live not just one life, but many. Writers are no exception. Here's are a few dramatic moments from my second writing life. Life 2 - A Long Way Down One of the ideas I pitched to Voyager Books during my dragon years was a dark fantasy novel about the power … Continue reading The many lives of a writer – 2