Hugo – with Eddie and Gus

Hugo with Eddie and GusEDDIE: Seen Hugo?

GUS: Yes. I watched it quite recently.

EDDIE: Whaddaya think? Use simple words, Gus, not the posh ones.

GUS: Hugo is an inspired and inspiring love letter to cinema both past and present. The warmth of its characters and narrative are matched only by the dazzling complexity of its art direction and cinematography. The pace is occasionally a little slow, but that’s a small criticism when balanced against the clear affection with which Martin Scorsese has brought Brian Selznick’s book to vivid life. An emotion-filled and genuinely affecting film.

EDDIE: That’s you using simple words? I’ll bet you didn’t even notice all the visual effects.

GUS: On the contrary. I was impressed by their ambition, by their seamless integration into the live action and by the way they genuinely enhanced the telling of the story.

EDDIE: Yeah. They were like totally awesome. I heard that Rob Legato was in charge. I don’t know how he finds the time.

GUS: What do you mean?

EDDIE: It must keep him busy, you know, making all those little coloured bricks.

GUS: You’re thinking of Lego.

EDDIE: It’s not the same guy?

GUS: I don’t think so.

EDDIE: Whatever. Legato did a top job with that one-shot near the start of the movie. You know, where the camera follows the kid through the giant clock? They shot it on five different days, five different sets and stitched it all together. He got a bunch of pixies to do it for him.

GUS: Pixies? I think you mean Pixomondo.

EDDIE: Yeah. So do they employ pixies?

GUS: I don’t think so.

EDDIE: Oh. Maybe it’s fairies. Whatever. They did an incredible job for tiny guys.

GUS: Isn’t it time for your medication?

EDDIE: I like the scene where the train crashes through the station and ends up on the street. That Rob Legato, he’s one clever dude.

GUS: I believe he’s the same visual effects supervisor who sank the Titanic.

EDDIE: Yeah? They could put him away for that.

GUS: Not the real one. James Cameron’s Titanic.

EDDIE: I’ll bet Cameron was pissed.

GUS: And Legato was responsible for Apollo 13.

EDDIE: He blew up the space capsule? Gee whiz, the guy’s a liability. I’ll bet that train wasn’t meant to crash after all.

GUS: Tell me, Eddie, do you fully understand the difference between fantasy and reality?

EDDIE: Well … I love a good visual effect. Is that the same thing?

GUS: You know, for once you may be right. Another beer?

EDDIE: Don’t mind if I do.

(with apologies to Rob Legato and Pixomondo)

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