Hugo – with Eddie and Gus

EDDIE: Seen Hugo? GUS: Yes. I watched it quite recently. EDDIE: Whaddaya think? Use simple words, Gus, not the posh ones. GUS: Hugo is an inspired and inspiring love letter to cinema both past and present. The warmth of its characters and narrative are matched only by the dazzling complexity of its art direction and cinematography. … Continue reading Hugo – with Eddie and Gus

Avengers Assemble – with Eddie and Gus

EDDIE: So what about the Avengers movie? GUS: Superheroes aren't my favourite genre, but I thought Joss Whedon managed to weave a compelling drama laced with imaginative set-piece action sequences ... EDDIE: Why do you talk like that? Nobody talks like that. GUS: ... while deftly choreographing an impressive ensemble cast and delivering a rousing finale. … Continue reading Avengers Assemble – with Eddie and Gus