“Talus” Review Roundup – 4

Talus and the Frozen King UK CoverWe’re another week closer to the official UK launch of the paperback edition of Talus and the Frozen King (it’s out in the US, and available as an ebook, already), and here are the latest reviews …

Crime Fiction Lover review by Michael Parker

More than just a whodunnit – this is a story about the power of stories, and a reflection upon the nature of friendship, love and grief. An unexpected delight, a detective story in a setting like no other, and I recommend it unreservedly. (5-star rating)

British Fantasy Societyreview by Rex Sumner

An excellent book … extremely well done and very enjoyable. Putting Sherlock Holmes and Watson into the Stone Age worked for me! (A+ rating)

Val’s Random Comments

Not heavy on history or bogged down by archaeologic detail, Edwards keeps the story going at a brisk pace. Talus and the Frozen King is an entertaining read that offers plenty of opportunities for further adventures. I for one, wouldn’t mind seeing another one of these come my way.

Sci-Fan Letter

Intricate mystery, interesting characters. Talus is basically a neolithic age Sherlock Holmes … He is highly observant and has a personality that alternates between charming (when he’s telling a story) and abrasive (when he’s exhorting Bran to pay attention and see what’s happening around him). If you like historical fiction and/or interesting mysteries, give this book a try.

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