“Talus” Review Roundup – 3

Talus and the Frozen King UK CoverPlenty of reviews still coming in for Talus and the Frozen King. Here’s this week’s crop …

Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing (review by Gregory Pellechi)

The manic energy of modern day our modern Sherlock Holmes is a difficult thing to transpose to a book. To take such a character and place them in the Stone Age without the aid of modern technology runs the risk of creating a story so at odds with itself that any trunk it’s hidden in should be buried as well. Graham Edwards’ Talus and the Frozen King shouldn’t be hidden in some crypt or locked away in some tomb to be forgotten, because it takes the murder mystery back to its roots and that makes it all the more entertaining. It’s not a rehash or a reimagining of old ideas … Talus and the Frozen King is the ideal book for mysteries lovers who want a classic murder scenario in a new setting.

Singular Points

How do you search for justice in a world that has yet to invent the term or even the concept? This is the question that author Graham Edwards poses and deftly answers in his new novel Talus and the Frozen King … The characters are likeable, and the plot is well thought out and plays fair. Though not clones of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, there are definitely similarities between the classic sleuths and the stone-age detectives. Talus is quirky, brilliant, and somewhat hard to get along with. Bran is solid and stolid, but possesses quite a bit more emotional range than Watson. Hopefully … there will be plenty of sequels to follow.

A Fantastical Librarian

The writing was solid with some beautiful passages and some deeply thoughtful considerations on the nature of love, life and death … It was this aspect, combined with the Neolithic setting and its crime focus that made me really enjoy Talus and the Frozen King and I hope this was just the first instalment in a series. I’d love to see what else Talus and Bran will come across as they journey farther north towards the Northern Lights.

A Loss for Words

 A neolithic Sherlock takes us on a fun and fast paced adventure in a world before words like “justice” even existed. The writing is well-crafted … the pacing is tight … the characters are consistent and believable, despite their existence in a reality so far removed from our own.

Steven M Long

I highly recommend Talus and the Frozen King to anyone interested in a fast-paced mystery with a unique setting. It’s a solid book, a good read, and I look forward to the sequel.

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