“Talus” Review Roundup – 5

Talus and the Frozen King UK CoverTalus and the Frozen King is now available everywhere, and the reviews keep rolling in …

SFF World review by Rob H Bedford

Edwards works with a very straight-forward mystery structure, murder, investigation, solution, but what happens between those pillars of the structure make for a very entertaining read. All told, Talus and the Frozen King was an extremely enjoyable novel, Edwards kept me turning the pages at a very rapid pace. I liked Talus and Bran quite a bit and very much hope Edwards has more tales of Talus up his sleeves and the fine people at Solaris provide him the venue in which to tell these stories. Recommended.

Strange Horizons – review by Anthony Cardno

Fully one-third of the way into Graham Edwards’s new historical mystery, the bard Talus reveals this view of humanity to a woman caught up in the murder Talus finds himself investigating. With the same line, the author lays bare his plan for the book (and presumably the series to follow): stories within stories within stories, all of which reveal hidden truths (even when the stories themselves are legends or outright lies); truths about individuals, about society, about humanity.

The Book Plank

What really made Talus’s character great for me was the whole setting of the book, the neolithic atmosphere. There aren’t any fancy tools that Talus can use to solve this murder, he has to rely on his observational skills, quick mind, sharp tongue and the questions he asks. Definitely recommended for everyone who wants to read something new and exciting!


Despite all appearances, Graham Edwards’ Talus and the Frozen King is not really a fantasy book. It’s a detective story, set thousands of years ago, in a time when concepts such as “detectives”, “crime scene investigation”, “justice” or “pants” were not yet known … This is a very entertaining book, offering something that hasn’t really been done much in the detective genre. Graham Edwards tells an intriguing tale that really gets you turning pages. The setting is fresh, the world is full of mystery, and solving the “case” is not an easy task for our protagonists. I would be interested in reading another novel in this series, especially considering that Talus and Bran’s wandering ways could lead them to some very exciting and exotic places. I hope to see Edwards exploring all these possibilities in future books. Get this one, whether you’re a fan of detective books or a fan of fantasy books.

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