Revisiting Cinefex (Almost) Illustrated

In their original form, my Revisiting Cinefex articles – on the first 40 issues of the classic visual effects magazine – were just plain text, with no images except for the cover of the issue under discussion. Once I’d concluded my retrospective odyssey, I broke the articles into headed sections (one for each movie) and set myself the task of drawing a little icon to illustrate each.

Although I made a good start, other jobs kept getting in the way. In the end I took the easy option and dropped in movie poster images instead. The drawings vanished into a folder, and only saw the light of day again when I stumbled over them again last week.

While it’s unlikely I’ll ever finish this particular job, it seems a shame to have these little sketches languishing in the dark. So here they are. How many movies can you identify?

7 thoughts on “Revisiting Cinefex (Almost) Illustrated

  1. Great fun, Graham. Thanks for sharing.
    Just revisited your “Revisiting Cinefex” blogs to check out the new poster additions. Very cool. And the words aren’t half-bad, either — essential reading for Cinefex fans.

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