Revisiting Cinefex (Almost) Illustrated

In their original form, my Revisiting Cinefex articles – on the first 40 issues of the classic visual effects magazine – were just plain text, with no images except for the cover of the issue under discussion. Once I’d concluded my retrospective odyssey, I broke the articles into headed sections (one for each movie) and set myself the task of drawing a little icon to illustrate each.

Although I made a good start, other jobs kept getting in the way. In the end I took the easy option and dropped in movie poster images instead. The drawings vanished into a folder, and only saw the light of day again when I stumbled over them again last week.

While it’s unlikely I’ll ever finish this particular job, it seems a shame to have these little sketches languishing in the dark. So here they are. How many movies can you identify?



  1. Graham, I think you should open a T-shirt store. I’d be first in line for a Spinner, a THX policeman, and a chubby mothership.

  2. I guess I’m old enough to tell you most of them!

  3. If not for its Cinefex article, I wouldn’t remember PHASE IV at all.

  4. donshay2013 says:

    Great fun, Graham. Thanks for sharing.
    Just revisited your “Revisiting Cinefex” blogs to check out the new poster additions. Very cool. And the words aren’t half-bad, either — essential reading for Cinefex fans.

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