Painting Dragons

When I turned my attention to the cover design for my self-published novel The Dragons of Bloodrock, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted: a giant grey dragon speeding over a desert, with a huge wall of red rock looming in the background. I roughed out a few pencil compositions before settling … Continue reading Painting Dragons

The Dragons of Bloodrock – Desktop Wallpapers

Desperate to put a dragon on your desktop? Just right-click on a thumbnail to download one of these exclusive images from my fantasy novel The Dragons of Bloodrock. Order The Dragons of Bloodrock from AmazonLearn more about The Dragons of Bloodrock "The Dragons of Bloodrock" Desktop 1: 1920x1080px"The Dragons of Bloodrock" Desktop 2: 1920x1080px"The Dragons … Continue reading The Dragons of Bloodrock – Desktop Wallpapers

Perilous Crossing

Typical, isn't it? You trek through the wilderness for untold weeks, take your rest at an ancient waystation on the brink of a fathomless canyon, restock your rickety wagon with supplies and an unusually large number of oversized firebrands, feed up the strong yet grumpy ultra-oxen ready for the next leg of your endless journey, and set out … Continue reading Perilous Crossing

Dragoncharm Desktop Wallpapers

To celebrate the publication of the Dragoncharm Special Edition ebook, I've mashed together a selection of wallpapers for your desktop or mobile device. Just click on a thumbnail to view an image full-size, then right-click to download. Alternatively, right-click one of the links at the foot of the page. Desktop 1024x768 Desktop 1920x1080 iPad iPhone 5

The Picture Strikes Back

Rummaging through the attic, I came across this half-finished painting. I started it in 1983, but despite an initial youth-fueled burst of enthusiasm, never summoned the energy to complete the damn thing. If you're a movie buff or science fiction fan, you'll see immediately that it's a hodge-podge of ships and characters from popular films including Star Wars, Blade Runner, … Continue reading The Picture Strikes Back

Wasteland Transaction

This sketch is called Wasteland Transaction, but I've no idea what the transaction actually involves. Is the woman who's rolled up in the crazy off-road vehicle handing something up to the guy in the post-apocalyptic lookout post? Or is he handing something down to her? What exactly does that ornate-looking box contain anyway? I don't know, but I have narrowed it down … Continue reading Wasteland Transaction

Lana in Orbit

Sometimes when you sketch you screw things up. This was meant to be a drawing of a ship called Liana, which features in a half-abandoned manuscript that's currently gathering dust on my hard drive. Just before finishing the sketch, I decided to print the name of the ship on those pod-like things running down the side, … Continue reading Lana in Orbit

Stone & Sky Timelapse – “The Push”

Today's sketch is a scene from my 1999 novel Stone & Sky. It shows the moment where, having survived both the eruption of Krakatoa and his unexpected relocation to a strange and inexplicably vertiginous alien world, Victorian explorer Jonah Lightfoot finds that his new companion Annie West is not all she seems. If the drawing isn't … Continue reading Stone & Sky Timelapse – “The Push”

Kurosawa Lander

Here's a time-lapse video of my latest Sunday sketch, which I've called Kurosawa Lander. The title's a total cheat, since the (imaginary) subject isn't Kurosawa-ish at all. Nevertheless, just like last week's sketch, it's inspired by the images still sloshing around inside my head since my recent viewing of the master Japanese director's 1980 movie Kagemusha. This is first time I've tried a … Continue reading Kurosawa Lander

Kurosawa Watchtower

Last night I found myself alone in the house. An unusual situation which, on the rare occasions it occurs, generally sees me frittering away the hours by completely failing to decide what to do with the unexpected me-time. Should I read? Write? Watch a movie? Lie in a semi-comatose state and relish the peace and quiet? For once, the decision came easy. After a … Continue reading Kurosawa Watchtower