“School of Alyxa” Trilogy – 5-Star Reviews for German Editions

School of Alyxa / Die Schule der Alyxa by Graham Edwards, writing as R.L. Ferguson.

My fantasy adventure trilogy School of Alyxa is finally complete, in its original German incarnation, at least. What’s more, I’m delighted to report the three novels have been picking up a heap of 5-star reviews on Amazon.

School of Alyxa / Die Schule der Alyxa - Amazon reviews

In case you’re wondering, I wrote these novels for middle-grade readers in my native language of English, under the pseudonym R.L. Ferguson. Trust me, if I’d tried to write a novel in German, the result wouldn’t have been pretty. First publication was by Ravensburger, which released the German translation Die Schule der Alyxa, Band 1: Der dunkle Meister (The Dark Master) in September 2018, swiftly followed by the second and third books in the series.

School of Alyxa: Secrets and Shadows by Graham Edwards, writing as R.L. Ferguson.

The first book has since been published in the UK, in the original English, by Willow Tree Books under the title School of Alyxa: Secrets and Shadows. In 2019, the novel won the Northern Lights Book Award for Best Fantasy. Stay tuned for news of future English editions of the remaining two books in the trilogy.

As for the story, well, it concerns two teenage brothers, Finn and John, who are snatched away from their normal lives and sent to study at Alyxa, a mysterious school on a remote island that doesn’t appear on any map. They soon learn that, just like the other students, they possess super-senses which give them extraordinary powers. But there is more to Alyxa than meets the eye, and soon Finn and John are forced to confront the dark secrets of the school’s ancient past.

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