Coming Soon – The Stone Trilogy Republished

The Stone Trilogy Republished - "Stone & Sky" by Graham Edwards

Imagine a wall as big as a world, built from stones the size of city blocks. Giant castles cling to its face like limpets to a cliff. Broad ledges create roads winding into the unknown distance. Exotic creatures roam the heights. The greatest question is to ask what may lie at the top of this immense edifice. The greatest peril is to fall.

The name of the wall is Amara, but it is also called Stone.

In the year 1883, English naturalist Jonah Lightfoot and American settler Annie West are catapulted into the outlandish otherworld of Stone. During the course of their adventures, and in the company of some of Stone’s strangest denizens, these two wayfarers face a foe risen up from ancient times and discover startling truths about the giant wall’s essential nature.

For Stone is the meeting place of all that lies beneath the world we know – past, present, future, myth. To explore Stone is to undertake a true voyage of discovery.

And such voyages, of course, are full of surprises.

That’s the setup for Stone & Sky, the first volume in my fantasy series about a wall the size of a world, first published by HarperCollins under its Voyager imprint in 2001. Two sequels followed – Stone & Sea and Stone & Sun – in which I continued the adventures of Jonah and Annie to their nail-biting conclusion.

When the books eventually dropped out of print – as books do – I promptly reclaimed the publication rights. For many years now my original manuscripts have sat silently on a hard drive, waiting for some future day of resurrection.

Well, I’m delighted to announce that day is coming. I recently began the process of preparing all three of the Stone novels for republication. This isn’t quite as simple as it sounds – among other things it involves a full line edit of the original Word files to make sure they align with the text as originally published. I also need to create some spiffy new covers – the illustration I’ve prepared for this blog post represents my very early work-in-progress.

I’ll be publishing the books for sale worldwide through Amazon. They’ll be available in both paperback and Kindle ebook formats. I’ve set a deadline of Christmas 2022 for Stone & Sky, with the others following at roughly six-monthly intervals [UPDATE: In fact I published Stone & Sky mid-June 2022, way ahead of schedule, and hope to follow up with the others before the end of the year.]

I’m thrilled to be doing this. The Stone books hold a special place in my heart, and over the years I’ve received lots of positive messages from readers about them. Please let me know if you enjoyed reading them first time around – I’d love to hear from you!

Keep checking this blog for updates. Read more about the Stone books on this website:

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon – The Stone Trilogy Republished

  1. Very glad to hear this! I enjoyed reading these books after the Dragoncharm trilogy many years ago. Will definitely be purchasing the ebook versions!

    Still hoping you will release the Dragoncharm sequels as ebooks one day and a sequel/s to The Dragons of Bloodrock!

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