Writing the ride at Alton Towers

Earlier this year I had the great privilege of working on a brand new ride at top UK theme park Alton Towers. The ride is Nemesis Sub-Terra, a claustrophobic horror experience set in the Forbidden Valley, near the famous Nemesis inverted roller coaster. I was hired as scriptwriter by Farmer Attraction Development to flesh out … Continue reading Writing the ride at Alton Towers

Revisiting Cinefex (23): Explorers, Lifeforce, My Science Project

Cinefex issue #23 examines no less than three movies but, as far as the cover pictures go, the star of this particular show is Explorers, Joe Dante's 1985 slice of family-friendly science fiction. Up front is a hero shot of the rather funky-looking spaceship operated by whimsical aliens Wak and Neek. Look closely and you'll … Continue reading Revisiting Cinefex (23): Explorers, Lifeforce, My Science Project

Crime, fantasy or both?

My wife tells me I've been in a funny mood this week. Slow as I am on the uptake, I've only just realised why. I'm in that strange writer's limbo called floundering between manuscripts. As a result, my small human brain has been slowly shedding the last project and trying on the next (a process … Continue reading Crime, fantasy or both?

Just published – Girl in Pieces

If you're an arachnophobe, I'd advise you to look away now. That's because my latest ebook is full of spiders. In particular, there's a rather unfriendly spider queen called Arachne who likes to lay her eggs in unseemly places. If you're very unlucky, she'll show you her spinnerets ... The ebook in question is called … Continue reading Just published – Girl in Pieces