Publishers Weekly Reviews Dragoncharm

Fresh in this week is a brand new Publishers Weekly review of my epic fantasy novel Dragoncharm. Here's an extract: This fantasy adventure about feuding dragon species from Edwards offers well-rounded characters and moments of true excitement ... Edwards hits the ground running with thrilling action scenes and steadily mounting tension. My debut novel, Dragoncharm … Continue reading Publishers Weekly Reviews Dragoncharm

Talus and the Copy Edit

Here's how the copy editing process works. Your editor emails you a copy of your manuscript in Word format, conveniently marked with proposed changes and pithy comments using the handy Track Changes feature, along with the request that you read it through, accepting or rejecting his suggestions as you see fit, and return it for final … Continue reading Talus and the Copy Edit

Publishers Weekly reviews “Talus and the Frozen King”

The first review of my forthcoming novel Talus and the Frozen King has just popped up on the Publishers Weekly website. Odd as it is to read a review of a book that won't be available until 26th March 2014 (and which hasn't been fully edited yet) it's a treat to see a little early … Continue reading Publishers Weekly reviews “Talus and the Frozen King”