Publishers Weekly Reviews Dragoncharm

Dragoncharm by Graham Edwards

Fresh in this week is a brand new Publishers Weekly review of my epic fantasy novel Dragoncharm. Here’s an extract:

This fantasy adventure about feuding dragon species from Edwards offers well-rounded characters and moments of true excitement … Edwards hits the ground running with thrilling action scenes and steadily mounting tension.

My debut novel, Dragoncharm was originally published in 1995, in the UK by HarperCollins under its Voyager Books imprint, and by HarperPrism in the US. It tells the story of Fortune, one of the new strain of dragons known as Naturals. Together with his Charmed friend, Cumber – a gold-winged dragon of the old charmed order – Fortune sets out on an epic quest to discover the truth about the turning of the world and the decay of charm. This Publishers Weekly review is for the revised Dragoncharm: Special Edition, which was reissued in 2016.

What do you think?

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