A New Look for Dragoncharm

What better way to celebrate the New Year than with a new book cover? Back in 2016, twenty-one years after its first publication in 1995 by HarperCollins, I reissued my first fantasy novel Dragoncharm as a self-published edition with revised text and a brand new cover. Now I've repackaged the novel with an updated cover. … Continue reading A New Look for Dragoncharm

Wings Too Wide – A Short Story from FantasyCon 2000

Wings Too Wide is a short story I wrote for FantasyCon 2000. Organised by the British Fantasy Society, FantasyCon is an annual celebration of all things wonderful in speculative fiction, culminating in the spectacular British Fantasy Awards ceremony. Read a review of FantasyCon 2000 by convention organiser David Howe The story appeared in the menu … Continue reading Wings Too Wide – A Short Story from FantasyCon 2000

Publishers Weekly Reviews Dragoncharm

Fresh in this week is a brand new Publishers Weekly review of my epic fantasy novel Dragoncharm. Here's an extract: This fantasy adventure about feuding dragon species from Edwards offers well-rounded characters and moments of true excitement ... Edwards hits the ground running with thrilling action scenes and steadily mounting tension. My debut novel, Dragoncharm … Continue reading Publishers Weekly Reviews Dragoncharm

Painting Dragons

When I turned my attention to the cover design for my self-published novel The Dragons of Bloodrock, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted: a giant grey dragon speeding over a desert, with a huge wall of red rock looming in the background. I roughed out a few pencil compositions before settling … Continue reading Painting Dragons

The Dragons of Bloodrock – Desktop Wallpapers

Desperate to put a dragon on your desktop? Just right-click on a thumbnail to download one of these exclusive images from my fantasy novel The Dragons of Bloodrock. Order The Dragons of Bloodrock from AmazonLearn more about The Dragons of Bloodrock "The Dragons of Bloodrock" Desktop 1: 1920x1080px"The Dragons of Bloodrock" Desktop 2: 1920x1080px"The Dragons … Continue reading The Dragons of Bloodrock – Desktop Wallpapers

The Dragons of Bloodrock – Read the First Chapter Free

To celebrate the launch of my new fantasy novel The Dragons of Bloodrock, I'm inviting you to spread your wings and read the first chapter absolutely free, exclusively on this blog. If this extract draws you in, why not head over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy of the book? It's available in paperbook … Continue reading The Dragons of Bloodrock – Read the First Chapter Free

Now Available – The Dragons of Bloodrock

Long ago, the citadel of Bloodrock fell. Now the dragons of Bloodrock are scattered across the desert and the mysteries of the past have been forgotten. But nothing lies hidden forever. When cruel Viscero brings terror to the land, Abalone — the last member of a knightly order known as the Peregrines — vows to … Continue reading Now Available – The Dragons of Bloodrock

Dragoncharm 25th Anniversary

This year is the 25th anniversary of my first novel, Dragoncharm. You’ll forgive me if I take a little trip down memory lane, right? Dragoncharm was one of the first fantasy paperbacks published under the Voyager imprint launched by HarperCollins in 1995. I wrote the original draft longhand, and submitted the final typescript to two … Continue reading Dragoncharm 25th Anniversary

Amazing Stories Reviews Dragoncharm

Amazing Stories has posted a review of my novel Dragoncharm, recently reissued as a special edition ebook. As well as sharing some insightful thoughts on the challenges of writing from the point of view of non-human characters, reviewer Ira Nayman also has some nice things to say about the book: Edwards’ masterstroke is showing how both sides succumb … Continue reading Amazing Stories Reviews Dragoncharm

Dragoncharm Ebook Summer Sale

Summer is not traditionally a time for dragons. Come to think of it, neither are spring, autumn or winter. Oh well, that just goes to prove that ANY time is the right time to order your copy of the new Dragoncharm ebook. Mind you, the summer of 2016 is a particularly good time to snap up … Continue reading Dragoncharm Ebook Summer Sale