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Graham Edwards

I’m Graham Edwards. You may know me as a writer of fiction, mostly fantasy and horror with just a dash of crime. Use the menu to browse for information about my work, or just dive right in with a visit to my fiction page. For the latest news about what I’m up to – including updates on my latest¬†novel Talus and the Frozen King – you could do worse than start with my blog.

You may know me as a dyed-in-the-wool visual effects geek, in which case you might be looking for my Revisiting Cinefex series of blog posts. These comprise a grand total of forty retrospective reviews looking back at the entire first decade’s publication of the classic journal of visual effects. For my up-to-the-minute reports and interviews about films and visual effects, read my weekly posts on the official Cinefex blog.

If you don’t know me at all, you’re welcome all the same. Stay as long as you like. But try not to make a mess.


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