Talus is in Da House

Talus and the Frozen King Comps

Yes, my comp copies of Talus and the Frozen King have arrived from Solaris Books. Forgive me for not writing more, but now I have to log out and do my happy dance. Believe me, that’s not something you want to see. Besides, it’s only a big box of books. How exciting can that be? (Clue: VERY!)


  1. Congratulations, Graham! I know very well how exciting that can be. I still get excited when we get out advanced copies of Cinefex — and that’s been happening four times a year for 34 years.

    I preordered through Amazon, so I imagine my copy will arrive once Talus makes his way across the pond.

    1. Thanks, Don! Nothing quite beats that moment of opening the box and smelling the ink, does it? Official publication date is still a month away, but I guess copies may start finding their way into some outlets over the next few weeks.

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