The String City Mysteries – Now in Paperback

The String City Mysteries by Graham Edwards, paperback edition

Hot on the heels of the Kindle edition, I’m delighted to announce The String City Mysteries is now available in paperback. Its pages are bulging with werewolves and titans, angels and zombies, murder, love and, above all, mystery. There’s never been a better time to explore the extraordinary world of String City in the company of an interdimensional detective with a nose for an unusual case … and a rather remarkable coat.

The String City Mysteries is a collection of seven novelettes first published in Realms of Fantasy magazine, and later as individual ebooks by 40K Books. This new edition collects all seven stories into a single volume for the first time, and forms a prequel to my 2019 novel String City.


  • “Entertaining with innovative world-building” – TangentOnline
  • “Well handled [with] cleverly sketched in fantastical background” – Locus
  • “Rivals the worlds of Lewis Carroll or Douglas Adams on the strangeness index … you’re in for a treat” – The Fix
  • “Over-the-toppitude in the New Weird mode” – Internet Review of Science Fiction
  • “Magnificent urban fantasy giddy with hardcore horror imagery” – Locus

Want to know more? Hit the links to read an extract from each of the seven stories:

  • The Wooden Baby – when you wake to find your baby has turned to wood, who are you going to call?
  • Dead Wolf in a Hat – a gunshot, a bloodstain, and a corpse that might be man or wolf … or just possibly both.
  • Syren – the love song of the syren is deadly, especially when you’re the one she’s singing about.
  • Still Point – at the centre of the turning world lies the one, true place where all is still. If you find it, you may never want to leave.
  • Girl in Pieces – zombie cops, a spider queen, and a garbage can filled with the most beautiful body parts you ever saw. Who can possibly piece this one together?
  • The Dame Don’t Whimper – it starts with a hail of bullets and a little green man. Where will it end? Only the runaway dame has the answer.
  • Lifestrings of the Loving Couple – in a zoo filled with mechanical animals, a desperate husband fights to protect the most precious thing he knows: his wife’s secret soul.

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