Ghostwriter Diaries – Advance Copy

GBK-01I just received my first advance copy of the fantasy novel for midde grade readers that I started writing back in December 2013. Apologies for the enigmatic photograph – because I wrote the book under pseudonym, I had to remove the gorgeously illustrated dust jacket in order to conceal my identity. I also wore dark glasses and a fake moustache, but you can’t see that in the picture.

Trust me, when the jacket’s on, it looks beautiful.

The book will be published in a few weeks – an exciting prospect for any author, whether the manuscript is wholly your own or ghostwritten. The sequel is in production and slated for release next summer. As for the third and final volume – the editorial team is currently beavering away on the storyline, which I’ll be receiving later in the year, ready for my final trip around this particular ghostly circuit.

What do you think?

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